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Welcome to Ensemble Baldi, hosted by Baldi

Amonn AL Mahrouq

Who is Baldi?

Baldi, AKA, Amonn AL-Mahrouq


A Survivor.

A life-long, celebrated, highly qualified professional Musician and Teacher with a C.V The Guardian Newspaper rated as Seriously Impressive, who passionately believes Music can help save lives.

A sort after Keynote Motivational Speaker.

A Pianist.

An experienced Music Competition Adjudicator.

An International

Photo of Baldi, AKA Amonn AL Mahrouq winning another Gold Medal at an International Figure Skating Competition

Figure Skating Double Gold Medallist, Inclusive Skating Trophies, Braehead Curling Rink 2015 and Dumfries Ice Bowl 2014.

An inspirational Writer and Blogger.

What Baldi Does:

Baldi uses his extensive life experiences to educate on:

How you can turn adversity to your advantage and win in life,

which he accomplishes through his:


Piano Recitals.

Practical Piano Teaching (all ages and standards).

Theory of Music Teaching (all ages and standards).

Music Competition Adjudication.

Inspirational Music and Music Performance Workshops.


Keynote Motivational Speeaking,

educating on the importance of learning:

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation),

Breathing correctly,

The art of Music Performance,

A Musical instrument at any age or stage of your life,

Why Music is a language and should be taught in Schools alongside other languages,


How Music, Sport and Family enable you to bounce back from illness inspiring yourself and others to achieve more from life.

Inspirational Writing

Books, Music Tutorials, Magazine Articles, Blog Posts and Online Courses.

Connect with Baldi on:

07305 026633


Add him to your favourite Messenger:

Microsoft Teams, iMessage, Signal, Telegram, Viber or What's App

today to find out how he can help you exceed your potential, inspire yourself and others along your life's journey.


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